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Our Services

  • Routine EEG*

    Performed in customer's lab according to guidelines. 1 hour allotted per study.

  • Ambulatory EEG*

    Performed in customer's lab or patient home. Preliminary scanning completed within 5 days. Scheduled with patient directly.

  • Evoked Potentials

    All modalities performed utilizing customer owned equipment.


    Performed in customer's lab on a scheduled or per diem basis

  • AEEG Scanning

    Performed according to guidelines by technologists registered by ABRET. Can be done remotely via internet connection.

  • Technologist Training

    Customized on-site training in all neurodiagnostic procedures for existing or potential staff.

  • General Consulting

    Customized proposals for equipment purchase, staffing and general management of neurodiagnostic lab.

  • Polysomnography

    Available for scoring and staging according to guidelines and performed technologists registered by BRPT. Can be done remotely via internet connection.

*Equipment available for Routine EEG and Ambulatory EEG testing.